Why Rural Development Can’t Be The Only Path To Prosperity

The federal government has announced it will phase out its rural development program.

“The Rural Development Board has made it clear that the program will no longer exist,” the federal government announced Wednesday in a statement.

The Rural development Board has now been dissolved, meaning that the federal department that oversees rural development can no longer administer the program.

But it will continue to make recommendations to the federal agencies responsible for rural development, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U,S.

Forest Service.

Some rural development board members expressed concerns in a letter to the Trump administration.

One board member, for example, said the board members did not have enough time to prepare the rural development plan that was approved in December, and had not fully considered it before the Trump Administration came to office.

Another board member said she was disappointed that the Trump Office of Rural Development had not prepared the plan for its review.

More from National Geographic:The Rural Education Service has been in place for over 40 years, and has been responsible for the majority of U.s. federal rural education.

In 2017, the RES released its first assessment of the rural education system.

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The RES said it had been tasked with overseeing the nation’s rural education systems and promoting rural jobs.

In the statement, the department said it was “confident” that the rural program would be able to continue as long as the board exists.

For more information, visit ruraldevelopment.gov.