Which Indian company can you spot in the rural development database?

The Rural Development Services (RDS) of India (RDAI) has launched a database that includes information about the rural population, as per the Centre for Monitoring Indian Rural Development (CMIRD).

The database, dubbed ‘Mongolia Rural Development Database’, will help in setting up rural development institutions and institutions that facilitate the delivery of rural development services.

The RDS has launched the database in response to a demand of the state government of Maharashtra, which was seeking to identify the companies that can help the state build and sustain its rural development programmes.

The database has the information on 10,000 organisations in India that are involved in the management of the rural sector, according to CMIRD.

The database has already collected information on the companies involved in running the rural communities in Maharashtra and has been used to set up the State Rural Development Bank, which has been set up to promote the growth of the Indian economy.

The bank is expected to help in funding the rural poor, as well as provide access to financial assistance for the rural economy.

The CMIRd has also sought the assistance of NGOs to compile data on the number of rural villages in India.

The data collected by the government agency will help the states and territories in their rural development programs, it said.