When you think rural development salaries, think US$100,000-per-year

When you hear about rural development jobs, the picture of a country in the midst of poverty often gets a bad rap.

But that’s not the case, according to a new study that looks at the salaries of those who manage to earn the US$10.8 million (RM8.8m) to $25.2 million (RMB1.4-million) yearly income from US rural development projects.

The report was published by the US Department of Labor’s Rural Development Research Group, which is responsible for studying how to promote rural development and employment in the US.

The study, titled “The Rise of Rural Development Jobs in the United States: Salary and Job Outlook for US Rural Development Workers”, was conducted by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and published by Business Insider.

According to the study, the average salary for US rural developers is about US$17.25 million.

That’s just under US$2,000 per hour, and the median salary is about $24,000.

“The most striking findings in this study are that the median hourly wage for US development workers is less than the median wage for all other occupations in the labor force,” the study said.

The average hourly wage is also much lower than that for retail and restaurant workers.

The median salary for rural development workers was US$12.65 million, the lowest of any occupation, according the study.

However, it was still a higher median than that of all occupations in other OECD countries.

“For example, the median salaries for retail workers are about US $11.5 million, or about $3,000 higher than those of other occupations,” the report said.

It also showed that the average hourly wages for US government workers were $24.50, $1,000 less than those for the private sector.

The US was also a top performer in terms of average hourly salaries, with the highest hourly salaries for government employees.

In terms of job title, the most common occupation for US federal government workers was manager of a public office, which accounted for 42.5% of all hourly salaries.

But, the survey found that the top occupations for federal employees are construction and health care, with more than half of all workers earning salaries between US$15,000 and US$20,000 a year.

“Most of these occupations require experience in management and leadership positions,” the researchers said.

However the median annual salary for a construction worker was less than half that of a construction manager.

The lowest-paying occupation was agriculture, with about 25% of workers earning less than US$13,000 annually.

In total, the researchers found that about 20% of the US population earns less than $15,500 a year in total annual income.

The bottom 20% earn between US $13,500 and $15