When will the Rural Development Upscore be implemented?

The Rural Development Board (RDB) has announced that it will implement upscaling and decentralization of the rural development infrastructure.

The new Upscaling Strategy, which will be implemented on January 2, 2019, will focus on the creation of rural development projects to enable local communities to increase their productivity in a cost-effective manner.

This will enable rural development to reach its full potential, especially for rural households.

The RDB has also issued a list of 25 rural development project targets, which it expects to meet by 2020-21.

The RDB will also focus on improving the provision of basic amenities and infrastructure like roads, power lines, power grids and irrigation systems, among others.

The government also has a plan to create an independent board of trustees to oversee and monitor rural development activities.

The new Upscale Strategy is also expected to be implemented in a phased manner, rather than a one-off.

This means that upscales of rural projects will take place at different levels, from the local to the national level.