What rural schools need to be taught to become a winner in the 2016 elections

VERMONT, N.Y. — A Vermont Republican state lawmaker is proposing to require rural schools to teach about the importance of rural schools as candidates are asked to show how they plan to improve the state’s schools.

Rep. Mike Doyle, R-Hampden, who represents the Vermonts southwestern suburbs, proposed a bill on Wednesday that would require state lawmakers to address the issue during the upcoming state elections.

Doyle said that if the proposal is approved, he plans to introduce a similar bill next year in the House of Representatives.

The legislation is aimed at promoting the idea that rural schools are the future of education in Vermont.

State Sen. Mark Gerster, who is running for U.S. Senate in 2018, said in a statement that he supports Doyle’s proposal and wants the legislation to be included in his 2018 campaign platform.

“I am also very concerned that our rural school system has not yet been adequately addressed,” Gerster said.

It’s an issue that is critical to Vermont, he added.

Sen. Eric Biskupic, D-Hastings, who supports Doyle, said he supports the measure.

A study by the Vermont Department of Education found that rural students had a lower graduation rate and were more likely to drop out than their urban counterparts.

The state also had a higher percentage of students who were in charter schools, which are privately operated, than the national average.

Biskupy said his district has already begun work on a plan to fix the issue.

Doe said he’s hoping to bring the issue to the Vermont House floor for a vote next year. “

We’re working on it right now and we’re going to be able to show that when we get out there to voters.”

Doe said he’s hoping to bring the issue to the Vermont House floor for a vote next year.

Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy, D, said the bill is important.

He also said he believes the bill will help improve Vermont’s reputation as a state that offers a quality education, and that the state is doing a good job of it.

Read more: The bill is not intended to target schools in the state of Vermont, said Doyle.

Its not meant to put us in a position where we have to pay for schools that are doing poorly, Doyle said.

He said he has asked for the bill to be added to the 2017 state budget, and the state will make that decision on an individual basis, if it decides to do so.

On Wednesday, Doyle wrote a letter to the state superintendent of public instruction asking for the department to send a letter stating the issue and asking for an update on how the school board is addressing it. 

Doyle also sent a letter saying the district’s proposal is a step in the right direction.

According to the letter, the district plans to make improvements to its system and its schools as it moves forward, and Doyle asked the department for more information on its plan to address this issue.