U.S. government will hire thousands of farmworkers in 2019 to build rural infrastructure

In the wake of a farmworker shortage that has plagued the United States for decades, the Trump administration announced Wednesday that it is hiring tens of thousands of farmers to work in rural development.

The farm workers are part of a national effort by the Department of Agriculture to build the country’s rural infrastructure, the Department said.

They are being trained and will work on projects that will improve the lives of rural Americans.

The goal is to fill the gap in the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization’s Food Security Index.

“Agriculture has been under siege for years and years, and the rural economy is struggling.

That’s why we are committed to improving rural infrastructure,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement.

“Agricultural employees are one of our most important assets, and I am proud to announce that the U-2 Program will bring these highly qualified rural workers to our rural communities and build a national network of support.”

More than 6 million people were employed by agriculture in the United Kingdom, according to government data, while in the UK alone, 1.3 million people worked in farming, according a government report.

The U.K. also has the highest farm debt in the world at $2.5 trillion.