Trump, Sanders spar over rural tourism

U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley are expected to speak Wednesday on a national tour that will take them to rural communities around the country, where they will speak about how the U.T.S.’s efforts to promote economic opportunity have helped to improve lives and alleviate poverty.

The trip comes after a meeting between Sanders and Haley on Wednesday in New York City, where she discussed the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts to the UTA, which has helped promote economic growth and jobs in rural communities.

Sanders has been pushing the Uta to promote more economic opportunity in rural areas.

Haley, who serves on the UU-TAs rural economic development advisory committee, has been a vocal critic of Trump and the U-Tas, and has called for a more inclusive UTA leadership.

The tour will take Sanders and the governor to six states on Thursday, including Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Montana and Missouri.

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished here in these six states,” Haley said Wednesday at a press conference, adding that the UTAs efforts to “make sure that you have a quality of life in these rural communities” are helping to improve people’s lives.

Sanders also said Wednesday that he plans to meet with local governments and stakeholders to discuss the impact of the Trump budget cuts on UTA’s ability to provide the services that rural communities need, such as transportation and water.

UTA officials, including the Uts and the National Rural Health Association, have called for the Trump cuts to be reversed, and have said they hope to see a reduction in federal funding for the UUA and UTA programs, such the UTMAP program that helps rural residents access transportation.

But Haley has said the cuts are hurting the UTs.

In a tweet Wednesday, Haley said the administration’s budget cuts are harming the UTS and UTMAS efforts to provide for the health and well-being of Americans.

If you would like to learn more about the UTTs work with the rural communities, visit or call (888) 533-4445.

A photo from Thursday’s visit to Texas showed the state capital of Austin, with a UTA sign in the distance, surrounded by fields and a herd of cows.

Earlier this week, Haley also said the Trump proposed cuts to UTA funding would “undermine” the Utes’ efforts to build and maintain a national network of rural hospitals, and that the cuts would also hurt rural health care.