The US’ Rural Development Agency is building its own solar panel factory

The US’s Rural Development Administration (RDA) is building a solar panel manufacturing plant in western Pennsylvania, according to a report from the company’s developer.

The US Bureau of Land Management has signed off on the purchase of the property for the RDA to build a new solar manufacturing facility in the area, which will create about 1,000 jobs, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.RDA president and CEO Dan Cawthorne told the paper the new plant will be the agency’s largest solar panel facility and could create at least 20,000 new jobs in the region.

The solar panel manufacturer’s application was submitted by the developer of the new solar farm, which the company is also leasing for the next three years, the newspaper reported.

Cawthorn told the Post-gazette that the solar panel plant is a result of a partnership between the agency and a local energy company.