Rural Health Development Corporations: Rural Development Corporators to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange

The Commonwealth government’s Rural Health Investment Corporation (RHIC), an investment vehicle, is to be placed on the national stock exchange.

In a move that could further solidify its role as a national leader in rural health, the Government announced on Wednesday it will put RHIC on the New South Wales Stock Exchange (NSWSE) in the coming days.

The announcement is expected to boost the RHIC’s profile and attract more investment, particularly from private equity and venture capital funds.

The RHIC is set to become the second national entity to be put on the NSW Stock Exchange after the State Government.

It will be the first company listed on that market.RHIC has already invested $1.5 billion in projects in Queensland, New South England and the Northern Territory.

“The new listing will allow RHIC to expand its portfolio in the key areas of rural health and rural development and provide a competitive, reliable and stable market for investors to invest in,” the State Health Department said in a statement.

Rhiney has been listed on both the Sydney Stock Exchange and the Brisbane Stock Exchange.

In NSW, the RHI has been ranked No. 1 in the country for the past three years.

The company has also been listed in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.RHINEY has been named Australia’s best rural health investment by the Sydney Morning Herald, the New Zealand Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.

It is one of four companies in the Commonwealth Government’s Rural Investment Fund, a new entity created under the Government’s National Rural Health Plan.

It is set up to invest $30 billion in rural development over a five-year period.