Rural development qualification for university graduates

Lima Rural Development University is preparing graduates for rural development qualifications in Malaysia.

According to its website, the university has “specialised in training university graduates to undertake professional development activities such as in agricultural and resource management”.

According to the university’s website, graduates from its university are expected to have “experience in developing and managing agro-industry sectors in rural areas”.

It said the university had also trained graduates to “serve as farmers’ assistants and help with their own development programmes”.

Lima has also been preparing graduates to study at the university in the past.

The university’s site describes the qualifications as: “A qualified, high-level undergraduate degree from a top university in rural India or South Asia.

Bachelor’s degrees are in agriculture and social and economic sciences and are available from the National University of Agriculture in Bengaluru.”

The programme is aimed at providing a postgraduate training for rural graduates, which will also prepare them for further professional development in rural settings.

“Lima says it has been providing training to more than 3,000 graduates so far, and the university is currently recruiting graduates.

The college has an annual budget of RM2 million, and it has a graduate centre in Jalan Moktar on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

According to the website, some of the graduates are also interested in “creating a positive impact in their communities”.

Limo Rural Development says its aim is to “encourage the creation of a network of professionals, particularly rural and low-income farmers, to serve as a bridge to their rural communities”.

The university has also set up a Facebook page to promote the programme.

Lima also said that it was “looking at partnerships with companies and organisations” in addition to Lima. “

We are in talks with a number of potential partners, and we are keen to have them join the group,” the university said.

Lima also said that it was “looking at partnerships with companies and organisations” in addition to Lima.

Image credit: Lima Regional Development University