Rural Development Canada: RDP’s Rural Development Platform Launches Smart Rural Development Framework

The Smart Rural development (SRD) Framework is a framework to support RDP-based projects that promote sustainable rural development in Canada.

The framework is an integral part of RDP initiatives, which include initiatives to build resilient, resilient communities.

The RDP aims to help the country achieve the most sustainable rural economies by 2020, with an RDP focus on sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources. 

RDP-focused projects can include the building of a small-scale renewable energy generation project, providing access to a sustainable food supply, improving health in a rural setting, building a small community center or rehabilitation of a community building. 

In April 2017, the Government of Canada introduced a Smart Rural Developing Framework for Rural Development.

The framework focuses on two key elements:1) the RDP approach to sustainable development, and2) the importance of RDM projects to rural communities.

“We are building the foundation for a rural development that is better for all of us, so we can all live, work and play together,” said Dr. Michelle Gannon, Director of the Canadian Rural Development Institute. 

“By creating a framework that addresses the most important issues of rural communities, including access to affordable and nutritious food, sustainable housing, and access to natural resources, RDP can build the most resilient rural economies.”

 In 2016, the RDA’s Rural Growth and Sustainable Development Policy Report was released, and it outlined a vision for sustainable development that focuses on the role of sustainable development in creating resilient rural communities and the impact that sustainable development can have on Canada’s economy and communities. 

Read more about the RDRF framework: Rudy Farrow: The RDRP Framework is the Framework for Sustainable Development in Rural Canada  The RDRFP framework is a partnership between the RCP and the Rural Development Department (RDP) of the Government. 

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