Rural Development Authority to get an upgrade from the State Government

The Rural Development and Rural Infrastructure Authority (RDA) is set to receive an upgrade of its equipment from the state government, a decision which is expected to see it receiving up to $20 million from the Department of Health.

The decision comes on the heels of the RDA receiving a $1.8 million grant from the Victorian Government to upgrade its operations and infrastructure.

“The grant for the RVA is an immediate priority for the Rural Development Board, with the new grant enabling us to deliver on the RTA’s current performance, including in areas where it was previously under-performing,” the RCA’s chief executive officer Andrew Gaudra said in a statement.

“While this grant is significant, it is also part of the Government’s ongoing investment in the RRA’s infrastructure, which will allow us to continue to improve its services to local communities.”

The upgrade comes after the RBA was given $1 million from its budget in 2015, the largest grant ever from the department.

The state government is also considering a further $100 million grant, but Mr Gaudarra said the Government would be looking at whether the funding could be used in conjunction with other federal, state and local funding.

“This grant will allow the RHA to maintain and expand its existing infrastructure, including an upgrade to its IT system,” he said.

“In addition, we will be looking to upgrade the services of our rural and regional partners in Victoria, and will work with them to further strengthen their services.”

The RDA is expected be able to spend the $20m, and the department has not given an indication of what it will use it for.

Mr Gaudurra said it was a “good time to look at funding sources” in order to “continue to deliver high-quality services to our rural communities”.

“We’re looking at some opportunities to improve the RWA’s operations and the infrastructure, to improve and improve our services to rural communities,” he added.

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