Rural Development Association’s Rural Development Report 2016: A look at the rural economy

RABOR, Alabama — In 2016, the Rural Development Bank of Alabama (RDBAA) released a report on the state’s rural economy.

The report was based on the findings of a comprehensive survey conducted by the Rural Economic Development Center (REDC) in March of this year.

RDBAAAA executive director J.R. Johnson said that, after more than 30 years of study, the report concluded that the rural sector in Alabama had seen significant improvement over the past five years.

“The report highlighted the need for economic growth in rural communities as a way to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce,” Johnson said in a release.

He said the report also provided a “better understanding of the rural workforce” by identifying those who have been unemployed for more than five years, and providing “a clear picture of what a rural economy is like today.”

Johnson added that the report highlighted “the importance of addressing the challenges of a rapidly changing rural economy” by “providing a comprehensive analysis of rural economic development.”

Rural Economic Development Director Kevin Williams said in the release that “the findings from the Rural Business Development Report are very encouraging.”

“Rudy’s and the entire RDBAA board would like to thank the RDBAAA for its tremendous work in supporting this effort,” he said.

Williams added that RDBAAAA was “extremely proud of our partnership with the REDC.”

The Rural Business Report, which was developed by the RAB, was launched in 1992 by then-Gov.

Billy C. Brown and was launched to assist small businesses and rural communities.

According to the report, the RBCAA was responsible for supporting 2.5 million small businesses in the state during its four-year term.

Its members are the state, county, township, school district, municipal, state, and federal governments.

While the Rural Commerce Report, created in 2013 by then–Gov.

Terry McAuliffe, focuses on economic development in rural areas, it also outlines economic development policies that can benefit the state.

Read more about RABRA at the Alabama Department of Commerce and Economic Development.