PA Rural Development Bill authorizes $2.9 billion rural development study

A new rural development bill has been introduced in Pennsylvania, and Gov.

Tom Wolf said Wednesday that it would include $2 billion for the study.

Wolf said the bill is aimed at helping small farmers and ranchers that are struggling to meet rural development needs.

The bill would help provide more than $5 billion to rural areas to meet local development needs, he said in a news release.

The Pennsylvania Rural Development Agency said in September that the state has the highest number of rural areas in the nation, and the bill would be designed to help improve the health, safety and well-being of those rural communities.

The report is titled the Rural Development Study and would look at the impacts of climate change on the country’s rural economies.

Wolf’s bill would require local governments to consider the environmental impacts of a development project in deciding whether or not to approve it.

The proposal would also require local communities to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to assess the economic and environmental benefits of a project.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Scott Bricker, R-Pa., who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

“It’s time for us to finally start listening to the farmers and the ranchers and the rural people that are the backbone of our communities,” Bricker said.

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