Jerusalem-based activist to run for district council in Jerusalem

Jerusalem-born activist and former Knesset member Zvi Doreg will be the next district council member in the Jerusalem municipality, local media said.

Doregl, 56, a founding member of the Arab Peace Initiative (ABPI), will be inaugurated as the new mayor of the eastern part of the city on January 19, the Jerusalem Post reported.

He will be succeeded by a council member chosen from the Jerusalem-area Arab community.

The post of mayor was already vacant when Doregg was elected in 2010.

According to the Jerusalem News, Doreger will have to face a challenging election campaign because the current mayor, Yair Lapid, did not seek re-election to the post in 2018.

The elections will be held in the western part of Jerusalem.

In December 2018, Lapid was re-elected by a narrow margin to a third term.

During his two terms as mayor, Doreng was accused of pushing Arab-Israeli ties to the right, with some of his comments being widely criticized.

In 2018, Dereg announced plans to create an “Arab village” in Jerusalem that would be built on Palestinian lands.

Dorenger said he was working on the plan to create a Palestinian village in the area, but had not given details.