Indian government sets up rural development fellowship for rural development

The Indian government on Monday set up a rural development consortium to work with local governments and other partners to promote rural development.

According to a statement from the National Rural Development Council (NRDC), the Rural Development Fellowship (RDF) will work with rural governments, public sector enterprises, and private entities to strengthen rural development and bring rural infrastructure, such as irrigation systems, roads, power grids, health facilities, and education facilities to the doorstep of millions of rural Indians.

The NRDC said the RDF will also work with government departments and central and state governments to provide grants to small rural entities, to improve rural connectivity, and to promote sustainable development. 

In an earlier statement, the NRDC had said that it was committed to building rural infrastructure.

The RDF, which is also the governing body for the Rural Land and Rural Infrastructure Development Corporation (RLIC) and the National Urban Development Agency (NOVA), will also coordinate with local and state government departments to develop rural infrastructure projects.

The RDSF will also be responsible for the development of a Rural Development Advisory Council (RDAC) for the NRDF to help it with governance, management, and accountability.

According to the NRDCA, the RDS was created to assist the NRDSF in meeting the needs of the rural sector through an integrated approach. 

“It is a very ambitious mission.

We are working towards achieving its goal of building rural connectivity in the country,” Natarajan said.

“RDF will help us in creating a network of more than 2 lakh villages in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

We will build rural infrastructure for farmers and the rural poor, especially the poorest.

The RDF and the NRDA will work closely with the NRDP to implement the vision,” she said.

The NRDC is in the process of setting up an online portal where people can apply for funds from the government.

While the NRDs goal is to create rural infrastructure and promote rural prosperity, some critics have pointed out that some of the funds will be diverted to building roads and other infrastructure that is already in place.

The government has allocated a total of $2.5 billion for rural infrastructure in 2016, up from $2 billion in 2015, and about $5 billion in 2016.