Idaho has more than 1,000 registered rural development companies

Idaho has nearly 1,200 registered rural-development companies, according to a recent analysis by the Idaho Farm Bureau.

The state has more registered rural entities than any other in the nation, with the total value of all registered entities exceeding $1.3 billion, according the Idaho Secretary of Agriculture.

The bureau also reports that Idaho’s total value for rural development projects was $9,068 million in 2017, or about one-third of the total for all other states.

Idaho is among the top 10 states in rural development investment, with nearly $5.5 billion spent on rural development activity in the state.

That figure is slightly higher than the $5 billion in 2016, but still lower than most other states, which spent over $11 billion in rural-focused activity in 2017.

A few of the more notable projects that are underway in Idaho include:A new $1 billion wind farm will create nearly 1 million acres of wind power.

The $1,800 million project is a new energy-efficiency building at the former site of the Idaho Power Station.

In addition to wind, the $1 million wind energy project will generate 1,100 megawatts of electricity.

An $8.5 million project to improve irrigation water management in the Idaho River basin.

This project will provide irrigation water and irrigation water treatment systems, including a network of pumps and pressure pumps, to improve the efficiency of the irrigation water system in the region.

Elevation mapping will allow for more accurate and accurate measurements of water levels.

More than $2.3 million to provide more efficient and safe lighting, including lighting with less energy, for more than 2,000 buildings in Idaho.

Nearly $3 million will improve water management, including the elimination of the use of chlorine in water treatment.

Three new solar farms will be located at the Idaho Wind Energy Facility and the Idaho Energy Research Center.

At the time of the survey, nearly half of Idaho residents were still waiting for new electricity, according, the Idaho Rural Development Institute.

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