How to win the RDP fellowship

India’s RDP program aims to encourage young Indians to become digital natives by offering them a $1,000 stipend and an internship at the country’s digital start-up hub, the Digital India.

While the fellowship is meant to provide mentorship and help with internships in the country, it also serves as a chance to test the waters.

The aim is to attract top talent from across the country and give them an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience that could help them in their careers, said the RDFS, which has set up a scholarship program for those with the requisite credentials to apply.

The RDP is a four-year program, with the first year being in the rural area.

It has been offered to students between the ages of 15 and 24.

Applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree, and also be eligible for the digital start up scholarship, which pays for the cost of the internship.

To get started, students have to submit an application online and get approval from the RDR.

The application process takes less than an hour, and then the winner will be notified by May.

There are no entry requirements.

The fellows will be trained for six months, with an emphasis on building a team of six.

They will work alongside a mentor, with who will guide them through their first month of training.

After completing their training, they will work for the startup, according to the RdfS.

To apply, students can fill out a short questionnaire that is sent to the host organisation in advance.

Applicant must also send a copy of their application to their mentor.

For the RFP, a separate application form is required.

After receiving the applications, the mentor will assess them and decide on the final two candidates.

Each one will receive a stipend of $1.30, with each individual getting an additional $500.

The stipend is for the first two weeks of training, which will last for one to three months.

Each individual will then receive an additional stipend for three months to help them keep up with their learning and gain the experience needed to be successful in the internship, said a RDFP official.

The winner will then be announced on May 18, and the stipends will be paid out on June 15.