How to spend your new money: Why rural communities should be the winners

The government’s rural development funding has been a major source of funding for many rural communities, which has contributed to a surge in the number of projects that have received government support.

Rural Development Minister K.J. Kothari, however, said it’s important that the funds go to projects that actually benefit the people.

“We should be supporting the people and not just the developers, so that they are able to develop the land in a sustainable way,” he said.

In a statement, Kothar said the state government has already spent more than Rs 1,600 crore on projects in the past 10 years.

But there are many areas of the state where rural development is not being funded properly.

Kothar pointed to a lack of water supply in many areas and a lack, for example, of electricity to irrigation pumps, which in turn has led to high demand for foodgrains.

He said that while the funds have been used for these areas, the government’s own data shows that in the rural areas, it is just one third of the land.

The Rural Development Minister also said the government will spend Rs 4,000 crore on water supply for the next five years, which will be used for projects such as constructing more dams.

This means the government hopes to increase the amount of money that it spends on rural development by more than 50 percent over the next decade.

However, Kithari has not given any specific figures for how much of the funds the government is spending on these projects.