Government backs rural development ministry

Maharashtra is set to join the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to increase the share of rural areas in development and reduce poverty by 20% by 2030. 

The government, however, is not endorsing the ambitious target. 

“The government is against it and will work to ensure that it is not adopted,” said a government official who did not want to be identified.

The government official said the government is reviewing the targets, and will make an official decision on whether it will adopt the UNSCG’s goals in the next few weeks.

The announcement of the government’s position comes amid mounting public outrage over the lack of action on the UNGA’s sustainable development goals. 

It also comes as the government struggles to implement its rural development strategy, which was launched in January, which focuses on improving access to education, job training, health care and social welfare.

The Rural Development Committee of Maharashtra is tasked with ensuring that more than 70% of rural households are covered with electricity and sanitation.

A survey in 2017 found that more people in rural areas did not have access to clean water, sanitation or safe cooking, and only 10% of the rural population was connected to piped water.