Canada’s rural development development authority to start rural development process

Canada’s Rural Development Authority (RDA) is planning to issue an interim operating licence for rural development in a move to reduce red tape and speed up projects, the ministry said in a statement.

The decision to begin the process comes as Canada continues to struggle with a backlog of approvals for projects on the ground, with many more approvals needed in the next year.

In an interview with CBC News, RDA director of development, Peter Boulanger, said the RDA has identified “a number of impediments” in rural development that need to be addressed.

The government expects the new licence to be in place in 2018.

Boulangers plan is to issue interim operating licences to rural development projects that have a projected cost of less than $20 million.

B.C.’s Rural Development Development Authority will not be issuing new licences for rural projects in the future.

“As a matter of policy, the government will not consider issuing interim operating licenses for rural developments until these impediments are addressed,” the statement said.

“The RDA is not seeking to impose restrictions on the use of existing licences.”

The announcement comes as the RDDA prepares to launch a new website and social media presence to help rural developers identify and manage their projects, a move that is expected to save the RDI billions of dollars in licensing fees.

BOULANGER: The government is looking to simplify the process of developing land for a new rural development project in order to speed up the development of projects and improve efficiency.

The new website will be used to update developers and assist them in managing their projects more efficiently.

BODDUNG: In addition to facilitating the transfer of ownership of the project from the private sector to the RDC, the RMDA is also working with the government to identify and develop the best practices for managing the transfer and management of the property in a safe and controlled manner.

The project management framework will also help to identify potential land use issues for projects.

The RMDAs online platform will also assist in identifying potential regulatory and other impediments.